Sports Tournaments

Disc Golf

Swimming Pool


Ping Pong

Gaga Ball

Capture the Flag




What to Pack

Sleeping Bag AND/OR fitted sheet

Pillows & a blanket or two

Water bottle you can refill and carry with you

Closed-toe shoes (for outdoor activities)

Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, sunscreen, etc.)

Summer Clothing (see dress code)

Bible and Notebook

Fan (there is no AC)

Money for Canteen (Snack store that opens daily, no more than $20, extra money will be returned at end of camp)

What not to Pack

Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, knives or any fire arms of any kind

Cell phone (if cell phones are brought they will be taken and given back at the end of camp)

Portable game devices, iPods or Mp3 players

Dress Code

Do not pack anything that...

... Advertises alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs

... Promotes racism, sexism, or refers to sexual actions or situations

... Has spaghetti/small straps, has excessive armpit cut outs, or open back, except for sleepwear

... Is excessively short or tight fitting

A few more notes...

One-piece bathing suit OR two-piece suits covered with a dark colored t-shirt

Wear modest shorts, pants, jeans, or dresses

Do not dress in a way that draws attention to underwear (sagging your pants, rolling down your waist band, wearing shorts or pants with lettering on the bottom)

Church leaders have the responsibility of modeling and monitoring groups to ensure students are dressing appropriately.